GATE 2021 Syllabus For All Papers

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) for the year 2021 will be conducted in 1st week of February 2021 and the online application for the GATE 2021 will be opened from nearly the 1st week of September 2020. So, you can start your GATE 2021 Preparation well in advance with GATE 2021 Syllabus & download it in PDF format.

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While checking GATE 2021 Syllabus, it is advisable for candidates to understand the GATE 2021 exam pattern to know how the paper will be set and the marking scheme. IIT Bombay, which is the organizing institute for GATE, will conduct GATE 2021  in the online mode in English.

Candidates must understand that there is negative marking for the MCQs which are a part of the question paper while the NAT questions don’t have any negative marking. This allows a better preparation methodology for success in GATE.

GATE 2021 Exam Pattern

Examination ModeComputer Based Test (CBT)
Exam Duration3 Hrs
Number of Subjects27
SectionsGeneral Aptitude (GA) + Candidate’s Selected Subjects
Type of Questionsi) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
ii) Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)
iii) Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
Number of Questions10 (GA) + 55 (subject) = 65 Questions
Distribution of Marks in all Papers
EXCEPT for papers AR, CY, EY, GG,
MA, PH, XH, and XL
General Aptitude: 15 Marks +
Engineering Mathematics: 13 Marks +
Subject Questions: 72 Marks =
Total: 100 Marks
Distribution of Marks in papers AR,
CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH and XL
General Aptitude: 15 Marks +
Subject Questions: 85 Marks =
Total: 100 Marks
Marking SchemeAll of the questions will be of 1 mark and 2
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The syllabus for each of the GATE papers can be downloaded by clicking on the given link below in the table. Make sure that you go through the structure of the GATE 2021 syllabus to know which sections appear in each paper.

GATE 2021 Syllabus for ALL Branches

Paper CodeGATE PaperDownload GATE 2021 Syllabus
AEAerospace Engineering Follow Me
AGAgricultural Engineering Follow Me
ARArchitecture and Planning Follow Me
BMBiomedical Engineering Follow Me
BTBiotechnology Follow Me
CECivil Engineering Follow Me
CHChemical Engineering Follow Me
CSEComputer Science and Information Technology Follow Me
CYChemistry Follow Me
ECEElectronics and Communication Engineering Follow Me
EEEElectrical Engineering Follow Me
ESEnvironmental Science & Engineering Follow Me
EYEcology and Evolution Follow Me
GGGeology and Geophysics Follow Me
INInstrumentation Engineering Follow Me
MAMathematics Follow Me
MEMechanical Engineering Follow Me
MNMining Engineering Follow Me
MTMetallurgical Engineering Follow Me
PEPetroleum Engineering Follow Me
PHPhysics Follow Me
PIProduction and Industrial Engineering Follow Me
STStatistics Follow Me
TFTextile Engineering and Fibre Science Follow Me
XE-AEngineering Mathematics Follow Me
XE-BFluid Mechanics Follow Me
XE-CMaterials Science Follow Me
XE-DSolid Mechanics Follow Me
XE-EThermodynamics Follow Me
XE-FPolymer Science and Engineering Follow Me
XE-GFood Technology Follow Me
XE-HAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Follow Me
XH-B1Reasoning & Comprehension Follow Me
XH-C1Economics Follow Me
XH-C2English Follow Me
XH-C3Linguistics Follow Me
XH-C4Philosophy Follow Me
XE-C5Psychology Follow Me
XH-C6Sociology Follow Me
XL-PChemistry Follow Me
XL-QBiochemistry Follow Me
XL-RBotany Follow Me
XL-SMicrobiology Follow Me
XL-TZoology Follow Me
XL-UFood Technology Follow Me

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