GATE Study Material – Chemical

GATE Study Material for Chemical Engineering: This is Chemical Engineering study material for GATE / PSUs exam preparation in the form of handwritten notes. Candidates may refer this study material for their GATE / PSUs and other National & State level exam preparation. Candidates can download these notes from the table given below.

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GATE Study Material for Chemical

Sr. No. Sections Download Link
1 Engineering Mathematics Click Here
2 Process Calculations Click Here
3 Thermodynamics Click Here
4 Fluid Mechanics Click Here
5 Mechanical Operations Click Here
6 Heat Transfer Click Here
7 Mass Transfer Click Here
8 Chemical Reaction Engineering Click Here
9 Plant Design and Economics Click Here
10 Chemical Technology Click Here
11 Instrumentation and Process Control Click Here

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These study material are for information purpose and completely free. If you find these study material useful please write us in a comment box.


GATExplore Team.


  1. thank you for providing written notes for all the core courses included in chemical engineering.

  2. Your genuine and selfless work is appreciated. We need more people like you.🤗Thank you is not enough for this. God bless you with lots of happiness. 😇

  3. Sir I am a student of Chemical Engineering. Sir are the above mentioned notes of Chemical Engineering enough to crack gate 2021? In the subject notes an email address and a facebook group were mentioned but both of these are showing unavailable. If more notes are there please send me. I really need those. I am very thankful for your free notes.

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