What is the Best Way to Pass the GATE Exam Without Coaching?

“What is the best way to pass the GATE exam without coaching?”

Can somebody pass the GATE exam without attending coaching?”

Yes. GATE exam is very easy and you still have 6 months to prepare for it. This is a single exam in India in which Almost 15% students crack GATE exam. So don’t get panic, just start your preparation

The best way to pass the GATE exam without coaching?

  • Read Theory.
  • Solve previous year questions,
  • Give test series,
  • Ignore negative environments,
  • Make short notes.

Here I have explained you in brief above points,

1.Read the subjects 

  1. I recommend reading the one chapter of the subject completely. Here students make mistake that they thought that once he/she will read whole subjects of GATE then he will solve previous year or take the test. but it will not help you anymore. you will forget everything in the end. so read one Chapter and Solve previous year GATE questions paper. Give test series of the same chapter of the subjects. Analyse the weak area. Once again revise it will take very short time because you have already read the subjects
  2. Take at least 1 hour in a day for Engineering Maths and General Aptitude. Many students also ignore the Engineering Maths and General Aptitude. These are very scoring subjects.

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2.Test series:

  • Many Students make a mistake that they will join the test series just before a month. Starting test series very late because they think first we prepare every Theory Part then take the test Series is wrong way. Many students do this mistake which results in them to lose some marks.
  • Choose a subject – Clear your concept- solve problems- take the test of the subjects- evaluate your performance. and continue same for all subjects of GATE exam

3. Solve Previous Year Questions

  • I also recommend you to solve previous year question and your preparation direct 50 %. Why am telling this, you will get it just after solving previous year questions.

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4. Make a Short Notes

  • Keep noting the mistakes, Important facts, and formulas in a separate Notebook. It will help you to revise just before the exam in a very short time because it is almost impossible to revise 9–10 subjects just 1 day before.

5. Revise

  • Many students also make a mistake here, many students are busy in studying only and they have no time to revise. but one thing you should keep in mind that without regular revise of the subjects you are loosing the concepts and formulas. so give 5 to 10 minutes every day for every subject to revise what you have studied before.


GATExplore Team.

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