Important Topics for GATE Electrical Engineering 2019

The competition is growing day by day for electrical students it’s very important to competition among within the electrical group. GATExplore readers get an opportunity to get the details of important topics to be covered which will be analyzed from previous GATE papers. In this article, we will be explaining the important topics which help the student to focus on these topics to get a good score and stand ahead in GATE exam.

Important Topics for GATE Electrical Engineering

  • Topics covered in 2017: DC Machines Transformer Losses, Induction Machines , Synchronous Machines & Special Machines.
  • Topics covered in 2016: DC Machine-Shunt motor, efficiency; Transformer-Losses, Autotransformer; Induction machine, V/f control, Induction machine, Synchronous Machine, Sine phase & 3 –Phase Induction Motor.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Transformers, Synchronous Machine , DC machines, Induction Machines.
  • Topics covered in 2017: Load flow, Transmission lines, fault analysis, power factor correction, Load flow studies, GMR, fault analysis, per unit systems.
  • Topics covered in 2016: Stability; LLG fault; Line parameters Transmission Line.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Economics and power Generation Symmetrical Components & Fault Calculation, Transmission, and distribution, Transient and overvoltage, Power System and Stability, Generating Station

  • Topics covered in 2017: Phase control rectifier, Power Semiconductor Devices, Commutation Techniques.
  • Topics covered in 2016: VSI; Rectifier – full wave – input power factor, Chopper, Converter.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Phase control rectifier, Power Semiconductor devices, Inverter.

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  • Topics covered in 2015: Time domain Analysis,, Frequency Response Analysis Nyquist Plot, State Variable Analysis, Basic of Control System, Frequency response.Transfer Function.
  • Topics covered in 2016: Nyquist Plot; Routh Stability; Lag-lead system; Bode plot and transfer function,

  • Topics covered in 2017: Network Solution, Two–Port Network, Thevenin’s Theorem, Transfer Function.
  • Topics covered in 2016: Network Solution; Transient Analysis to DC input; Two-port Network; Network Topology, Star-Delta; Basic Networks; Dependent Source; Maximum Power Transfer
  • Topics covered in 2015: Network Solution and methodology, Sinusoidal steady state Analysis, Laplace transforms, Two-port Network, Transient /Study State Analysis of RLC Circuit to DC input.

  • Topics covered in 2017: LTI Systems, Basics of signals and systems, Sampling.
  • Topics covered in 2016: LTI system; Fourier transform; Laplace transform.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Introduction to S&S, Linear Time-invariant (LTI) System , Z-Transform , Fourier Representation of signal, Frequency Response of LTI System

  • Topics Covered in 2017: Basics of Electric field and magnetic field.
  • Topics covered in 2016: Magnetic Flux Density for Toroid, Coulomb’s law, Effects of dielectric medium, Electric field potential.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Electric & Magnetic field

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  • Topics Covered in 2017: Frequency measurement, DVM, Error analysis, CRO, Watt Meter.
  • Topics covered in 2016: Moving coil and moving iron instrument, Power Factor measurement; Energy meter.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Measurement of Basic Electrical Quantities-1, Electronic measuring Instrument-2, Measurement of Basic Electrical Quantities-2.

  • Topics covered in 2016: ADC-Flash type; Multiplexer; Boolean algebra, Transistor-DC biasing; Zener Diode with a transistor, Boolean algebra K-Map, Op.AMP analysis; Amplifier.
  • Topics covered in 2015: Boolean Algebra & K-Map, Combinational Digital Circuit, Sequential Circuits, Diode –Circuit – Analysis &Application, DC Biasing-BJTs, Feedback Oscillator Circuit, Operational Amplifier and Its Application, AD/DA Converter

We hope this analysis will be useful to prepare GATE 2018 Electrical. You can analyze frequently asked topics in GATE from the given analysis to crack the GATE 2018 Exam.

Important Topics for GATE Electrical Engineering


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