What after engineering? Is it Useful to appear for Gate Exam?

“What after engineering? “

“Is it Useful to appear for Gate Exam?”

Most of the Bachelor Degree holders thought that Gate exam is only useful to those who want to pursue their post-graduation or for PSU jobs. But every degree holder must give a second thought to it. Here is the answer to your WHY?  what most of the students lack after Bachelor’s degree is basic concepts of core subjects. According to recent reports from most of the MNC’s, quality of engineers generating our nation is degrading below an acceptable level. Hence to overcome that, AICTE is going to start EXIT exam in last year of engineering to assess the quality of Engineering student. And therefore it is becoming important for every student about clearing their thoughts about GATE exam.

Majorly GATE exam helps you in following ways:

  1. For PSU’s (Public Sector Units) jobs

A number of government companies require engineering students which are qualified under GATE exam. The list includes major corporations like HPCL, Indian Oil, BHEL, NPCL, NTPC etc

  1. For interviews in MNC’s (Multi-national Companies)

Most of the recruitment happens in the order of Aptitude-Technical Interview-Group Discussion- Personal Interview and vice versa. For a Technical interview, your knowledge reflects your confidence and apparently affects your personality. Hence to conquer the basic steps your Basic knowledge should be cleared as early as possible.

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  1. Engineering Overview

GATE exam is nothing but the complete revision of your engineering concepts. As all the subjects are getting reviewed once at a time, it alternately connects you to the actual engineering life.

  1. Conceptual Learning

Unless and until you will not get cleared your engineering concepts, every opportunity isn’t going to be the BEST for you!!  Conceptual learning helps you to apply your basic knowledge into practical things & you will understand that “EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION” which ultimately makes you CHAMPION.

In the FUTURE, GATE exam is going to be the most essential, important thing for Every Engineer and predictions are like percentage of the GATE appearing students are going to increase at double rate of the current one. START PREPARING!!!!!

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