Top 10 Facts to Know Before You Start Your GATE Preparation

GATE Exam 2020 notification will be released in July. As per our analysis  GATE exam will be conducted on February 1st-2nd and 8th-9th 2020. Those who want to appear for this GATE Exam 2020 start your preparation today as the competition is getting tougher with every passing year, so avoid wasting time.Before starting your GATE 2020 Preparation some of the important Facts to know before you start your GATE Preparation. So know all facts and start your preparation right now.

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Top 10 Facts to know before you start your GATE Preparation

  1. There is no correlation between the percentage of marks obtained in BTech and qualifying GATE. Since, for qualifying GATE one should need thorough understanding of the subjects, which is not necessary for B-tech exam.
  2. Analysis of previous years GATE exam results indicates that the top rankers have marks in the range of 85 to 90. Acquiring a mark above 65 will ensure a rank within 250.
  3. You should have a deep understanding of Basics in each subject for solving GATE question.
  4. While doing the problems, short nodes should be prepared. Along with it error analysis note also should be prepared. This will help you solve problems without error.
  5. Mathematics is oxygen for GATE students about 15% marks from Mathematics. Without Mathematics one will not get a good score in GATE. Solving Aptitude problems are also important.
  6. Take a standard online test on a regular basis, Because it is essential to familiarize with writing online exams and virtual calculators.
  7. Solve previous year (at least 10 years) GATE questions. Along with that, GATE questions from other branches such as Maths, Aptitude, Analog, Digital etc should be solved.
  8. The question will not repeat in GATE. But concept will repeat. So it is important to understand the basic concepts involved in it.
  9. Accuracy and speed are key to success. Accuracy has more importance. Practice improving accuracy. The time is sufficient in gate exam because you will get approximately 3-4 minutes in solving a gate question.
  10. Don’t do any kind of guesswork to avoid negative marking. If one question is a wrong net loss is 1.33 and for two marks question net loss is 2.66.This cause big difference in rank. So only attend questions you know.

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